Su Na locks herself alone in her room after her best friend’s suicide. She starts to talk and behave as if someone else is in her room. A psychologist arrives to help her.

The Loner

A reporter begins to receive a series of mysterious calls. To escape them, she changes her number and moves out. But the threatening calls continue to horrify her.


A woman finds a pair of pink high heels on a subway platform & brings them home. She is thrilled to get them, but she is not aware of the fact that they are haunted.

The Red Shoes

The friends of a child of a surgeon start to commit mysterious suicides in front of her. To find the mystery behind this, she tries to find the clue in the hidden basement of their house.


A ghost of a girl starts haunting a girl school & people start disappearing from the school. All are freaking out. Will anyone solve the mystery behind the haunting girl?

Whispering Corridors

A girl suffers from amnesia, caused by an accident almost a year ago. She learns about her three friends and she wants to find out what happened to them.

Dead Friend

A mother who lost her child 5 years ago moves to Seoul with her family. There, they find a lost girl in the woods and take her in. Her voice is similar to her son. But is she really a human?

The Mimic

The story of a priest whose life takes a turn for the worst after he participates in a medical experiment in which he is an intense craving for blood and sex to find a cure for a deadly disease.


Members of a supernatural exploration club visit a house that is haunted. Once there they set out to test if ghosts can be contacted once human brain waves reach a frequency of 0.0Mhz.


Five people are invited to a doll museum in the woods where they find a doll maker in a wheelchair and her helper, a chained old man, and one by one they are mysteriously killed.

The Doll Master

A former cop working as a security guard in a mall links a string of mysterious deaths to a ghost that uses mirrors as a gateway to the living world.

Into The Mirror

A part-time music professor got into an accident with her friend. She gave up playing cello and decided just to teach. But will her past come back?


A female high school student is kidnapped by a killer with a speech impediment. To survive, she must tell the scariest stories leading to an anthology of four stories to the killer.

Horror Stories