10 Best Korean Romantic Movies To Fall in Love With

Be With You

Soo Ah makes a promise to her husband to return a year later on a rainy day. She returns to her husband and son but all her memories are disappeared. The end of this movie hits differently.

A Moment To Remember

Soo Jin bumps into a carpenter, Chul Soo. She sees him again and soon falls in love with him. But, Soo Jin gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Will their love survive?


Chul Min starts a new job as a parking attendant. One night, a visually impaired woman walks into his tollbooth. They fall in love with each other. But will their love be short-lived?

The Beauty Inside

Woo Jin wakes up every day as a different person. He falls in love with Yi Soo & they both start dating. But will Yi Soo be okay loving a man who changes every day?

The Classic

Ji Hye cleans up her house when she comes across a box of old letters that detail the first love story of her mother. She is also in love with a boy. The movie tells the story of both.

Love 911

When a doctor gets sued for misdiagnosing a patient, she reaches out to a firefighter to be a witness for her. They start to fall in love with each other & slowly open their minds.

Tune In For Love

In 1994, Mi-soo, a part-time worker, begins exchanging stories with college student Hyun-woo through a radio program. They fall in love, but can’t quite seem to get the timing right.

On Your Wedding Day

Woo Yeon falls in love with his best friend in high school. But after a while, she leaves leaving him heartbroken. After 10 years, he receives the wedding invitation of Seung Hee.

My Sassy Girl

Gyun Woo, a college student saves a drunken girl. After meeting each other many times, they develop a relationship. But, they break up write letters to each other to be read after 2 yrs.


When a cassette tape & letter from 23 yrs ago show up at a radio station, the radio DJ and his old friends begin to remind their bittersweet summer spent together as kids.