The story revolves around a family of four. Gi Woo’s friend tells him to replace his position as a tutor in a rich family. He uses this as a chance to employ his family members.

Train To Busan

Seok Woo heads to Busan from Seoul with his daughter by a KTX train. However, they get stuck with other passengers on the train due to a virus breakout & the survival game begins.


Jin Seok moves into a new house with his family & his elder brother gets abducted. His brother comes back after 19 days with no memory. Jin Seok tries to reveal what had happened.

The Handmaiden

A Korean swindler recruits a pickpocket to get hired as a maid to a Japanese heiress. He wants to rob the heiress & take all her wealth. But, the maid & heiress develop an attraction.


A man who is imprisoned for no reason gets out after 15 years only to find himself in love with a chef. His captor then gives him five days to find out why he was locked.

Memories Of Murder

In 1986, a young woman is found dead. Two local detectives try to investigate the murder, without any result. Then, a detective from Seoul comes to help them.

I Saw The Devil

A psychopath kills a woman. Her fiance decides to track down the murderer himself. He catches the psycho, beats him & let him free. The game of cat & mouse begins.

The Chaser

A pimp becomes involved in a breathless race  to catch a serial killer after one of his girls goes missing. To find evidence, he has just 12 hours before the killer is released.

Lady Vengeance

Geum Ja goes to prison for killing a boy & gets released. She teams up with a group of friends she made while in prison and sets out to clear her name and find the daughter.


A nuclear power plant explodes due to an unexpected earthquake & hydrogen gas gets released. To stop the spreading of gas, Jae Hyuk goes into the nuclear power plant to save the people.