A Hard Day

A detective crashes a man on the road killing him while driving from his mother’s funeral. Fearing of charges, he tries to get rid of the body but is witnessed by someone & is threatened.

The Wailing

A series of deaths take place in a village. A police officer hears a rumor about a mysterious Japanese man. The rumor suspects him as the one causing these deaths. But what is the truth?

No Mercy

A pathologist attends his last case of a murdered girl. An environmental activist is caught & the case seems solved. When his daughter gets kidnapped, he tries to find the kidnapper.

The Yellow Sea

Taxi driver is offered a deal to carry out a hit on a professor in South Korea. When he is ready to take out his target, unexpected events occurs leaving him looking for a way out.

The King

Tae Soo enters a law school & becomes a prosecutor. Later, he joins a group of powerful prosecutors. He finally enjoys the power of supremacy, but also sees the cruel side of it.

A Tale Of Two Sisters

Two sisters return home from a mental hospital. They are welcomed by their stepmother & stay along with their father. Supernatural things happen, but there’s a secret.

The Gifted Hands

A case occurs to a detective of the murder of a girl. While investigating the case, he meets a man who has ability of “Psychometry.” The detective then uses him to catch the kidnapper.

The New World

Ja-sung, an undercover cop infiltrates the biggest crime syndicate in South Korea. When the head of the organization is killed, Ja-sung becomes torn between his duties.


15 years ago, a kidnapper disappeared. 5 days before the statute of limitations, someone leaves a flower at the crime scene. A few days later, another crime takes place using the same method.

Joint Security Area

Two North Korean soldiers are killed. The investigator receives differing accounts from the two sides. One claims he fired in self-defense, while another says it was a premeditated.