Top 10 Best Vampire Korean Dramas 

Ready for a love bite? This dramas mix of romance, suspense, and action.

By Min Chae (Kdrama World)

Vampire Prosecutor

A prosecutor who becomes a vampire uses his supernatural powers to solve crimes and bring criminals to justice.

Kissable Lips

Vampire Jun Ho needs to drink pure blood to survive, but he falls in love with human Min Hyun.

Vampire Flower

Centuries-old vampire falls in love with high school girl, they journey to retrieve a rare flower.

Orange Marmalade

A teenage vampire falls in love with a human boy, but their forbidden love is threatened by the prejudice and discrimination against vampires.


A half-human, half-vampire and a cold-hearted woman start living together and fall in love.

Bite Sisters

Three fashion-forward vampires live among humans in modern day Seoul, using their powers to help those in need.

The Scholar Who Walks The Night

A cross-dressing bookseller and a vampire scholar team up to fight evil and find love in Joseon dynasty Korea.

Vampire Idol

Naïve vampire prince from another planet gets stuck on Earth and tries to become a K-pop idol.

Vampire Detective

A private detective is turned into a vampire and uses his newfound powers to solve crimes while uncovering the mystery of his transformation.


A vampire doctor struggles to balance his thirst for blood with his desire to save lives.