Top 10 Popular Fantasy Korean Dramas That You Need To Watch

Explore the supernatural world of magic

By Min Chae (Kdrama World)

Alchemy Of Souls

A forbidden magic spell switches souls, causing two young mages to fall in love and change their destinies.

Mr. Queen

A modern-day chef's soul is transported into the body of a Joseon queen, who must work with the king to save the kingdom.


A young man who can see ghosts joins a team of grim reapers who save people from suicide.

While You Were Sleeping

A woman who can see the future through her dreams teams up with a prosecutor to stop bad things from happening.

Hotel Del Luna

A hotelier with a dark past runs a hotel for ghosts, until she meets a human who can help her break the curse.

Ghost Doctor

Genius doctor's ghost possesses coward intern to save lives and learn the meaning of friendship.

W: Two Worlds

A doctor gets pulled into the world of a webtoon she loves and must save the hero from a killer.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

A blind ballerina is tasked with finding love by an angel, but he soon falls in love with her himself.

Extraordinary You

A high school girl discovers she is a supporting character in a comic book and tries to change her fate.

 The Sound Of Magic

A mysterious magician helps a poor high school girl and a gifted student to believe in magic and themselves.