Best Political-Thriller Korean Dramas

Discover the world of corruption and politics with these dramas

By Alma Santos (Kdrama World)


A marketing expert teams up with a human rights lawyer to take down a corrupt conglomerate and become the mayor of Seoul.

Into The Ring

A quirky and idealistic young woman runs for office to shake up the corrupt political system.

Chief Of Staff

A chief of staff in the National Assembly uses his cunning and ambition to climb to the top of the political ladder.

Nobody Knows

Detective Cha Young-jin investigates a serial killer case that is eerily similar to the one that killed her friend 19 years ago.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days

A low-level minister becomes acting president of South Korea after a terrorist attack kills the president and all other successors.


A woman with a dark past must make difficult choices when her son's death reveals the truth about her.

The Good Wife

A housewife returns to law practice after her husband is jailed for corruption, balancing family and career.

Chicago Typewriter

Three friends from the 1930s are reincarnated in the present day to write a novel and fight for freedom.


A detective with the ability to read minds teams up with a profiler to catch a serial killer.


Three people investigate a murder that changed their lives 15 years ago, uncovering corruption in the police force.