Mind-Blowing Psychological Thriller Korean Dramas

Best psychological thrillers that will play with your mind with their suspenseful plots and shocking twists.

By Alma Santos (Kdrama World)

Through The Darkness

Criminal profiler Ha-young and detective Yoon-soo team up to catch serial killers in 1990s Seoul.

Strangers From Hell

A young man moves into a cheap boarding house and discovers that his new roommates are not what they seem.

Save Me

A young woman tries to escape a religious cult that has taken control of her family with her friends.


A rookie police officer chases a serial killer and learns that he may be a psychopath himself.

Beyond Evil

A small-town police detective investigates a serial killer while trying to clear his name from a similar case 20 years ago.

Gap Dong

Autistic man helps police catch a copycat killer of a serial killer he witnessed as a child.

Hello Monster

A former criminal profiler with a dark past teams up with a policewoman to investigate a series of murders.

Flower Of Evil

A detective suspects her husband is a serial killer, but he may not be who he seems.

Liar Game

A poor college student is forced to play a series of mind games against strangers in order to survive.


A  team of 112 emergency call center operators and detectives fight crime using the sounds they hear.