Top 10 Most Exciting Thriller Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix

By Lily Clark (Kdrama World)

These dramas are packed with suspense, plot twists, and chilling background music.

Flower Of Evil

A man with a dark past hides his identity and marries a detective, but his secret is slowly unraveled as she investigates a series of murders.


A model high school student runs an illegal prostitution business to pay for college, but his double life is threatened when a classmate finds out.

Beyond Evil

Two detectives investigate a serial killer in a small town, but they soon realize that the evil may be closer to home than they thought.

My Name

A woman joins a gang to avenge her father's death, then becomes a mole in the police force to get closer to his killer.

Through The Darkness

A criminal profiler struggles to read the minds of serial killers in 1990s Seoul.


A criminal profiler in 2015 and a detective in 1989 use a mysterious walkie-talkie to communicate and solve cold cases together.


A deadly virus breaks out in a high-rise apartment building, forcing the residents to fight for survival against the infected and each other.

The Guest

A psychic, a priest, and a detective team up to fight a powerful demon that possesses people and kills them.

The Uncanny Counter

A group of people with supernatural powers fight evil spirits that possess humans disguised as noodle shop employees.

Save Me

Four friends rescue a woman from a cult, only to find themselves trapped in the cult's web of control.