Best Romantic-Thriller Korean Dramas You'll Love To Watch

Love + Action is the best combination

By Lily Clark (Kdrama World)

W: Two Worlds

A surgeon is pulled into the world of a webtoon she loves, where she meets the hero and falls in love with him.

City Hunter

A young man trained as a secret agent seeks revenge on the corrupt politicians who killed his father.


A mysterious night courier with a tragic past teams up with a reporter and a journalist to uncover the truth about a decades-old incident.

While You Were Sleeping

A woman with precognitive dreams teams up with a prosecutor to stop her dreams from coming true.

Come And Hug Me

A detective and a popular actress reunite after their families were torn apart by a serial killer.

He Is Psychometric

A boy with psychometry powers teams up with a girl with a painful past to solve crimes and heal each other.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

A gumiho searches for his lost love in the modern world, while also battling supernatural beings.

I Hear Your Voice

A cynical lawyer teams up with a high school student with telepathy to bring down a killer.


A deadly virus breaks out in a high-rise apartment building, and the residents must fight for survival.

The K2

Former soldier framed for murder becomes bodyguard for presidential candidate's daughter and falls in love.