Twinkling Watermelon

Get to know all the details of this latest Korean drama releasing on 25th September on tvN.

A CODA boy with a natural talent for music travels back in time to 1995 and joins a band with his childhood father and forms a band called Watermelon Sugar.

Ryeoun as Eun Gyeol, a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) boy who can hear but is the only hearing member of his family. He is a talented musician who dreams of becoming a singer.

Choi Hyun-wook as Lee Chan, a college student who is passionate about music. He is also a member of the band Watermelon Sugar.

Seol In-ah as Se Kyung, a cello prodigy who is also a member of the band Watermelon Sugar. She is in love with Eun Gyeol.

Shin Eun-soo as Chung Ah, a mysterious girl who also joins the band Watermelon Sugar. She has a dark past and is hiding a secret.

Choi Won-young as Eun Gyeol's father, a talented musician who gave up his dreams of becoming a singer to take care of his family.

Episodes: 16 Release Date: Sept 25, 2023 Director: Son Jung Hyun Screenwriter: Jin Soo Wan Network: tvN Watch On: Viki

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